Tencel Series

Shaoxing Meishangmei Textile Technology co., Ltd. is a professional engaged in the research and development of woven fabric.We have rich expenrince more than 20 year in weoven fabrics . Our company main fabric products tencel series, end use for high-grade women's wear, suits, trench coats, women's pants, dress,blouses sunscreen etc,We closely follow the fashion trend of Europe and America, integrate the fashion elements of Japan and South Korea. Our company has a dedicated new product research and development team, and new products will be released every month。 Tencel products are mainly divided into these categories according to the type of yarn :1.Tencel monofilament yarn fabric  2.Tencel imitation linen fabric 3.tencel filament yarn fabric 4.  Other Tencel fabric 5. regular tencel fabric .  Tencel fabric is skin friendly , Clothing is closer to the body. Blended and interwoven to create a refreshing touch, the skin feels instantly cooled  Celsius on the surface of the body. Under the light and soft surface, it has excellent moisture absorption and wrinkle resistance. The characteristics of sun protection and bacteria prevention form a unique tacit understanding with summer, breathable and not dull, and the fit does not deform, catering to the needs of the public.