TR Series

Our company is committed to the development and production of women's suit fabrics for over 20 years, with rich production experience. From sales to production, there are a group of young people who love their work. TR lady suit fabric is one of our main items . Presumably, knowledgeable designers know that the quality of suit fabrics can directly affect the overall shape and wearing effect of a garment. Our suit fabric are mainly divided into these categories according to the compostion : 1.regular TR fabric 2.TR imitaion wool fabric 3.TR wool fabric 4. TR acetate wool fabric 5.TR Tencel wool fabric and so on . Reqular T/R is made of poly /rayon /spandex which has a smoother and smoother overall feel, a dense and elastic texture, and a textured texture that is easy to fluff. Upon closer inspection, the fabric has a matte luster with a smooth and textured surface. Recommended to designers with high quality and style requirements. All in all ,we have many kinds of tr fabric , and each items have ready goods for shipment .Welcome customer come and visit us !