From Dopamine to Maillard, the retro colors not to be missed in autumn and winter.

Perhaps you have also discovered that there are many styles of clothing that have suddenly appeared in the past two years: from intellectuals, old money style to Clean Fit, from Dopamine to Maillard, all kinds of Nouns change every few months, and it’s hard to keep up with this trend!

However, no matter how the names change, these styles actually change the soup without changing the medicine. For example, the dopamine style in summer uses bright and bright colors to show full of happiness and vitality; while in autumn, Maillard still wears earth tones, but the main color is brown, which is gentler than the milk tea color that everyone loved most in previous years. A bit richer.

Keeping up with social media and saying the same buzzwords all the time may feel like following the trend, but there’s something special about thinking of these new words as cute nicknames that inject freshness into familiar styles. After all, the replacement of colors can best match the mood and atmosphere of the season. Summer is always more exciting, and autumn is always more yearning for classic retro. Therefore, the editor 


shared 4 retro fashion colors that are worth trying this autumn. If you still have no clue about what to wear in the new season, then first choose the color you want to wear the most.

1. Klein blue

If spring and summer are suitable for low-saturation clothing to reduce visual heat, then autumn and winter are the home of high-saturation colors. Klein blue, which was so popular two years ago, is back on trend this fall and winter. It has to be said that the Klein blue belt with its ultimate blue tone is very suitable for the cold autumn and winter. It is as eye-catching as bright red, but it has a bit more purity, and it also gives people a sense of distant beauty, high-end elegance. Because of its relatively high color saturation, it is particularly photogenic and easy to produce pictures. It can bring a different visual experience whether it is daily life or sports and fitness.

Although Klein blue has the advantage of whitening and attracting attention, it is still difficult for ordinary people to control when worn in a large area, giving people a depressing and dazzling feeling. Paired with refreshing and pure white, it can form a strong color contrast and balance the vision! You can also use woolen vests, which have become popular in the past two years, and are great for layering and layering. 


2. Dark green

Dark green is one of the most classically beautiful colors. It is an evergreen color in vintage. From the mailboxes standing on the street to the green leather trains that cannot be erased from the memories of those born in the 1980s, whether it is used as the main color or as an embellishment Color, dark neutral dark green, seems to be born to serve the retro style. The quiet luxury of dark green and black can not only support the splendor and elegance of special occasions, but also can be worn for casual comfort in daily life.

In terms of color, dark green is a neutral color and does not have a strong sense of stimulation or coldness visually. However, due to its low brightness and high purity, if used in a large area without light adjustment, it will give people a heavy and dull feeling. Therefore, the least error-prone method is to use a large area of ​​white and embellish it with a small area of ​​dark green.

3. Gentle apricot

Apricot seems to be born for autumn and winter. It is a non-offensive color and gentle and atmospheric, just like the warmth of the morning sun. It slowly smoothes away all the unhappiness and troubles in life, making people feel comfortable and happy. Get up and fill the warm atmosphere with kindness. This fall’s popular “Maillard” outfits also feature a lot of apricot colors.

Apricot color is very tolerant. When combined with light colors, it will look much lighter visually. When combined with dark colors, the layering will be stronger. 


4. Red

This autumn, the tag #TomatoGirl# has set off a new trend on the Internet. "Tomato Girl" refers to using tomato red as the main color to create a natural and energetic style, just like the vibrant and delicate style in midsummer. The juicy red tomatoes are full of freshness and wantonness.

The red item itself is eye-catching enough. When paired with black, it is a classic, while when paired with white, it is another style. Knitted items also have red shadows. This kind of red cardigan is most suitable for autumn. It can be added or removed at will and is full of laziness. The atmosphere is gentle and elegant, and it looks good when layered with a thick coat in winter.

Fashion is fleeting, but style is eternal. Whether it’s “dopamine” or “Maillard,” the changing of these Internet buzzwords is actually the reincarnation of fashion. Find the color style that suits youself is most key important .

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Post time: Oct-13-2023