Showcasing the background of “technology, fashion, and green”! The 25th China Shaoxing Keqiao International Textile Expo 2023 (Autumn) On

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November 4-7, the 25th China Shaoxing Keqiao International Textile Expo 2023 (Autumn) was grandly held at the Shaoxing International Convention and Exhibition Center. As an important part of this Textile Expo, the China Fabric Star survey activity has extended the original model and debuted at the exhibition for the first time in the form of the "China Fabric Star·Star Gathering" special clothing trend exhibition.

The China Fabric Star survey activity is guided by the China National Textile and Apparel Industry Federation and sponsored by the "Textile and Apparel Weekly" magazine. It started in 2010 and entered its 13th year this year. The 2023 China Fabric Star survey lasted for nearly 3 months. Through multiple links such as collection, professional review, and release, the best innovative development, best pattern creativity, best fashion style, best market value, etc. were finally selected. The survey results were released at the National Exhibition and Convention Center in Shanghai in August.

The exhibition area is presented in series with seven popular trend themes of "sunscreen technology, moist luster, warp and weft checkerboard, three-dimensional texture, fashionable crepe, warm protection, and sustainable fashion" to highlight the unique charm of the product. You can see at the scene that fabrics with creative textures, fabrics with technological styles that complement reality and reality, double-sided three-dimensional effect fabrics, 3D printing technology fabrics, green and environmentally friendly renewable fabrics, etc., whether it is the grasp of fashion elements, the application of functional raw materials or craftsmanship The integration of technology and technology has been fully demonstrated.

This year's "Technology Star·Bufan Fashion" 2023 China Fabric Star survey activity was launched during the Spring Textile Expo. The review meeting was held in Keqiao on August 10. More than a thousand fabrics from more than 200 companies launched fashion creativity In the fierce design competition, senior expert judges from brands such as Evely, Septwolves, Rimba Men's Wear, LiLy, Tangshi, LNG, Sesame Street, Redcopper and other brands evaluated the participating fabrics from the aspects of craftsmanship, marketability, innovation and sustainability. Conduct a comprehensive review. The holding of the event inspired the reshaping of China's fabric competitive advantages and injected new development momentum into China's textile industry. In addition, for the Keqiao textile industry, many outstanding Keqiao fabric companies have used the "China Fabric Star" platform to conduct in-depth discussions and cooperation with well-known clothing brands and designers across the country, achieving precise docking of the upstream and downstream of the industry chain, and fully We promote the development and use of new products. 


This time, China Fabric Star joins hands with the 2023 Keqiao Autumn International Textile Expo to show the fashionable style of fabrics and bloom the fashion charm. At the same time, it also issues a call to the national textile industry to find high-quality fabrics with a more open mind and more efficient services. While bringing high-quality products to Keqiao, we will also promote Keqiao's high-quality products to a larger market across the country.

SHAOXING MEISHANGMEI TEXTILE TECHOLOGY CO.,LTD,is committed to natural green environmental protection and sustainable development of fabrics. It improves specifications and integrates resources from multiple dimensions such as technology, fashion, and green, and strives to contribute more to the high-quality development of Keqiao Textile. Requirements for high-quality industrial development


Post time: Nov-08-2023