The “shaoxing meishangmei textile technology ” debuted on the opening day of 2024SS Milan Fashion Week

On September 19, the Milan Fashion Week “Keqiao Day” series of events was successfully held at the Palazzo Isinbaldi in Milan, Italy. Located on Corso Monforte in Milan, Palazzo Isimbaldi was built in the 16th century. It has witnessed many of the world’s top art exhibitions and brand exhibitions, and is a holy place in the hearts of many artists, designers and curators.

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Zhang Kaibin, Deputy Consul General of the Consulate General of Milan, Mario Boselli, Chairman of the Italy-China Trusteeship Foundation, Maria Rosa Azzolina, President of the Italy-China Association, and other guests attended the event. Before the event, the city of Keqiao was promoted.

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Milan Fashion Week’s “Keqiao Day” has the theme of “Continuous Research to Create a Better Future” and the “Keqiao Excellence Show/Exhibition” was held in the beautiful courtyard of Isimbaldi Palace with a history of more than 500 years. Giacomotti, Fabiana, the general consultant of the exhibition, was inspired by Keqiao, a water town in the south of the Yangtze River with rich humanities and meandering scenery. Through the combination of static and dynamic forms, guests from all over the world can “immerse” the charm of Keqiao.

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Fashion is a soft building that you carry with you. Fabric is the material of soft building and the cornerstone of designers’ dreams. “Keqiao Excellence Exhibition” perfectly integrates the styles and characteristics of Milan and Keqiao. It not only shows the tranquility and remoteness of the Jiangnan water town, but also embodies the classical luxury of Italy, leaving a deep impression on every visitor.

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A total of 10 local fabric companies in Keqiao participated in this “Keqiao Excellence Exhibition”. They are: Zhejiang Dashu Textile Technology Co., Ltd.; Zhejiang Langbeni Textile Technology Co., Ltd.; Zhejiang Yisha Textile Technology Co., Ltd.; Shaoxing Meishangmei Textile Technology Co. Ltd.; Shaoxing Mishun Textile Co., Ltd.; Zhejiang Jinsheng Textile Co., Ltd.; Shaoxing Jialilong Textile Co., Ltd.; Zhejiang Jindianzi Textile Co., Ltd.; Shaoxing Yangshi Textile Co., Ltd.; Shaoxing Keqiao Dianli Textile Co., Ltd.

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These 10 companies have participated in many international fabric exhibitions such as Première Vision. This is their “debut” at Milan Fashion Week. Entrepreneurs are looking forward to seeing “Keqiao” in the world’s fashion industry, remembering “Keqiao” and falling in love with “Keqiao”. bridge”. This will then promote the integration of the local textile and apparel industry with international standards, promote industrial upgrading, and gain access to a broader international market. An important step has been taken to create a “fashionable Keqiao” city card and enhance the influence of a fashionable and innovative city!

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Post time: Sep-21-2023