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FOB Price:USD 2.12/M

  • ITEM NO.: NR9235
  • Composition: RAYON:65% NYLON:22% POLY:13%
  • Density:
  • Whole Width: 147CM
  • Weight: 150G/M2
  • Application: SUIT, DRESS
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    Our product NR9235  is a rayon 65%, nylon 22% and polyester 13% woven fabric, suitable for women's clothing, suits and shirts. It has a width of 147CM and weighs 150G/M2. Our fabric is made from wood pulp that has been extracted in an environmentally friendly way and it is also smooth to the touch with excellent drape and soft luster. This high-end luxury fabric will add sophistication to any outfit you choose to wear.
    It features vibrant colors in bold stripes which will make your look stand out while still being incredibly comfortable due to its breathable nature. The lightweight quality makes it easy to dress up or down depending on the occasion so you can be sure that you’ll always have something appropriate no matter where you go! Whether you opt for a casual day look or an evening ensemble – this fabric won’t let you down!

    About This Item

    Our Acetate fabrics are renowned for their superior quality when compared to other materials such as cotton or linen thanks to its unique combination of properties like high strength, exceptional lustre, beautiful sheen
    The durability of this material means that it can withstand regular machine washing without losing its shape, color or texture so there's no need for special care when laundering garments made from this special blend of fabrics. Its wrinkle free properties mean that ironing is minimal too – perfect for busy lifestyles! Plus, our amazing range ensures there are plenty of colors and patterns available so finding the right one won't be hard at all!
    Nylon is a strong synthetic fiber with excellent elasticity and resistance to wear and tear. It's also lightweight and breathable, making it ideal for athletic clothing or outdoor gear like tents or backpacks. Nylon is often used in combination with other fabrics such as cotton to produce a durable yet comfortable material.
    Rayon is a semi-synthetic cellulose fiber derived from wood pulp that's soft and light but still durable enough for everyday use. It drapes well on the body so it's perfect for dresses or blouses that require movement without sacrificing comfort or style. Rayon also absorbs moisture quickly which makes it great for activewear when you need something breathable during exercise sessions.
    Polyester is an extremely versatile synthetic fabric made from petroleum products that's resistant to shrinking, fading and wrinkling while remaining lightweight enough to provide comfort all year round without extra bulkiness in cold weather months. Polyester can be blended with other fabrics such as wool or cotton providing strength without compromising insulation properties against colder temperatures if needed..
    So if you're looking for something luxurious yet comfortable then our Rayon 65%, Nylon 22% Polyester 13%,147CM wide by 150G/M2 weight woven fabric featuring green environmental credentials plus bold stripes with excellent drape would be ideal choice - not only will it help keep your wardrobe chic but also timeless too!
    & drapes. Not only that but they also come with natural anti-static & UV skin protection capabilities meaning you can enjoy long lasting freshness all day long!
    Polyester fabrics have become popular due its ability to resist wrinkles which make them ideal for any kind of clothing especially suits, blazers and blouse. where an impeccable look is desired without having the hassle of ironing or steaming. Furthermore polyester fabrics are durable yet lightweight which makes them perfect for travel as well as providing great insulation on colder days/nights ensuring optimal comfort no matter the season! Lastly these fabrics offer impressive water repellency meaning staying dry is easier than ever before!
    In conclusion this fabric made from 42% ACETATE and 58% POLYESTER provides us with amazing features that make it stand out against other materials available in today’s market place - combining superior strength & shine together with outstanding performance values like wrinkle resistance & water repellency combined into one single product offering immense value at a competitive price point!
    If customers need to know more details, please contact us!

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    Sample: A4 size/ hanger sample available
    Color: more than 15-20 colors sample available
    Lab Dips: 5-7 days


    MOQ: please contact us
    Leas Time: 30-40 days after quality and color approval
    Packaing: Roll with polybag


    Trade Currency: USD, EUR or rmb
    Trade Terms: T/T OR LC at sight
    Shipping Terms: FOB ningbo/shanghai or CIF port

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